Welcome to Horror-spot.com, a website dedicated to Asian horror movies, such as these!

This site was started as part-protest and part homage. Year after year, Hollywood takes the best movies from around the world, makes a piss-poor copy of it and shits it out en-masse. No credit is given to the original, and moviegoers are left in the dark about the original source material.

Writers, directors, actors, choreographers, stunts – all the human creativity involved in the production of a movie – are not given the credit them deserve. No matter how briefly.Don’t believe me? You only have to mention the names of such epic Asian movies as “Oldboy”, “Infernal Affairs” and “Il Mare” and the average western movie goer will stare at you blankly.

Sure, Hollywood remakes might “encourage people to seek out the original” but let’s face facts. Most of these remakes are a large, steaming pile of excrement. It’s like whoever made the movie was on a “Low-creativity diet” and this noxious waste was the only product of the enterprise. The average person’s attention is equivalent to the lifespan of a buxom blonde at the start of a slasher movie. If they don’t like the remake – and are completely oblivious that it is a remake – why search out the original Asian horror movie?

Asian Horror Dissected

On this website, we will share, discuss and promote Asian horror movies from around the continent. We’ll be taking a look at Japanese horror movies, Korean horror movies, Thai horror movies, Chinese horror movies….well, you get the idea!

Please stick around and stick us in the comments!

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